Is Anybody Listening?

University students from the United Kingdom and around the world feel like they have been neglected during the pandemic restrictions. Hear what students have to say.

Videos were recorded on phones by students during December 2020 and January/February 2021.

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Emily Brierley
I am a third-year film student at Oxford Brookes. Being a student during the pandemic has been really difficult. I feel the government has pushed student’s education and health to the side. I believe it’s important to make people more aware of the struggles students in higher education are experiencing, and how little help they’re getting throughout this pandemic.

Ren Bennet
As a third year film student, it’s been difficult to study during the pandemic. This has been made even difficult by the constant attempts by the government to scapegoat students. We’ve all been lumped together as the sole cause for the continued problems the country is facing. It is crucial to me that students are allowed to speak for ourselves and to highlight the issues we have been facing.

Maria Rozalska
I’m a third year film student at Brookes University. Students' wellbeing is something that should be talked about as more and more young people struggle with mental health issues and do not receive enough help. During the pandemic students situation has been overlooked with no reduction of university fees, students having to pay for rented accommodation they are unable to go back to or keeping up with the pressure and uni work despite everything that is happening. Students voices should be heard and listened to and the videos are an opportunity for them to be able to tell at least a little part of their stories.

Sophie Russell
I’m currently a third-year BA film student at Oxford Brookes.I believe that during the past year student voices have been either ignored or silenced and the only time that we have ever really been mentioned within the media is due to the increase of coronavirus case and not for the increase in mental health cases or the fact that students are paying for facilities that they are not even using e.g. rented accommodation. Doing these videos gives students the opportunity to speak their minds as well as showing what it's like to be a student in 2021.